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bluesquiggle.gif (968 bytes) New page for Research/Praxis
bluesquiggle.gif (968 bytes) Measuring Mitigation Report pdf 770 kb
bluesquiggle.gif (968 bytes) Measuring Mitigation Policy Brief pdf 56kb
bluesquiggle.gif (968 bytes) Measuring Mitigation Synthesis pdf159kb
bluesquiggle.gif (968 bytes) Glossary of Core Terminology of Disaster Reduction by Katharina Thywissen (go to this page)
bluesquiggle.gif (968 bytes) Public Participation GIS Bibliography Compiled by Renee Sieber. Last updated Oct. 30, 2003. If you have any updates or additions, please send them to renee.sieber@mcgill.ca (download pdf)
bluesquiggle.gif (968 bytes) "Social Vulnerability, Sustainable Livelihoods and Disasters" Report to DFID by Terry Cannon, John Twigg and Jennifer Rowell (download pdf
bluesquiggle.gif (968 bytes) United Nations Population Information Network A guide to population information on UN system web siteshttp://www.un.org/popin/
bluesquiggle.gif (968 bytes) Vulnerability Assessment Techniques and Applications (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration and Organization of American States, Unit for Sustainable Development and Environment).

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