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bluesquiggle.gif (968 bytes) ILO A Fair Globalization: Making It Happen. Follow-up to the Report of the World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization. http://www.ilo.org/public/english/fairglobalization/report/highlight.htm
bluesquiggle.gif (968 bytes) 'The March 2003 Cut-off Low" which is on to the UCT website...it is a detailed report, including historic climatology, flood hydrology, social risk consequences, assessment of the institutional obstacles and opportunities ...as well as mapped and counted direct impacts of the event... probably the first time in SA that a detailed review of a wide
area disaster has been completed.
It is over 210 pages long, around 13.5 MB, and can be downloaded and distributed from
bluesquiggle.gif (968 bytes) Learning from Drought, from Disaster Mitigation Instutute, Ahmedabad, India:
Learning from drought;
bluesquiggle.gif (968 bytes) NGO Initiatives in Risk Reduction - now online. By John Twigg
bluesquiggle.gif (968 bytes) FUNDE - citizen's declaration
bluesquiggle.gif (968 bytes) EDUPLANhemisférico Technical Secretariats (link to list of contacts)
bluesquiggle.gif (968 bytes) Go to: Illegal Cities: Law and Urban Change in Developing Countries Edited by Edésio Fernandes and Ann Varley. Reviewed by Ben Wisner. Or download as a 16KB rtf
bluesquiggle.gif (968 bytes) Go to: Review by Dr. Ben Wisner of The Environmental Consequences of War: Legal, Economic, and Scientific Perspectives, Edited by Jay E. Austin and Carl E. Brunch
bluesquiggle.gif (968 bytes) Go to: Kelman Ilan, Disaster Diplomacy
bluesquiggle.gif (968 bytes) Go to: Wisner Ben, "Rolling the Stone Back up the Hill: Preliminary Questions Raised by the 2001 El Salvador Earthquake"
bluesquiggle.gif (968 bytes) Go to: Ben Wisner - Resumé


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