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A major power failure hit large parts of North America on Thursday 14th August 2003. We have the following commentaries, some of which appeared first as postings to the Natural Hazards and Disasters listserv (http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/) or direct emailings:

Tapping Into Tap Water: The Responsibility of Smallness. By Ilan Kelman 15 December 2003. Download Word file

bd14519_.gif (968 bytes) Hurricanes and Electrocution  by Ilan Kelman, Roger C. Huder, and Steve Palmer 19 December 2003. Download Word file

bd14519_.gif (968 bytes) Ilan Kelman "Good Capitalists Stop Disasters" 2 September 2003

bd14519_.gif (968 bytes) Julian Borger "Private passion: Washington's fondness for privatisation and deregulation is creating dangerous problems at home and abroad" The GuardianWednesday August 20 2003

bd14519_.gif (968 bytes) John Lunn "The effects of the national competition policy and other reforms on the emergency management arrangements of Australia" first published December 1998. Emergency Care Journal 5 No4 pp. 30-33

bd14519_.gif (968 bytes) Ilan Kelman. Posting to Natural hazards-Disasters Listserv, 15 August 2003

bd14519_.gif (968 bytes) Philip Buckle. Posting to the Natural Hazards-Disasters Listserv, 16 August 2003

bd14519_.gif (968 bytes) Ben Wisner: Megawatts and Mega-Mergers -- Neoliberalism, the State, and Life-line Infrastructure

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