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This new page addresses disability issues in disaster prevention, planning and response. Please send relevant links and documents to Ben Wisner or Maureen Fordham.

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bd14519_1.gif (968 bytes) "In the News: Katrina and People with Disabilities" Compiled by ADA Watch/NCDR http://www.adawatch.org/
Thanks to Todd Reynolds for sending this compilation to RADIX (download Word file 37kb)

bd14519_1.gif (968 bytes) Todd Reynolds, Department of Geography, University of Oklahoma, Norman OK 73019,
E-mail: kylun@rocketmail.com. "Perception and response to natural hazards by disabled people-a pilot study"

Disabled people are more vulnerable to natural hazards than those who are able bodied. This is because disabled individuals, depending on the nature and extent of disability, often have trouble perceiving warnings and escaping threatened areas. This paper presents a small-scale pilot-study of hazard warnings for the disabled in Norman, Oklahoma. It draws on personal interviews and existing literature to suggest three further lines of inquiry. First, how natural hazards reveal the ways in which disabled people are marginalized in society. Second, how people with physical disabilities, most notably mobility impairments, often perceive natural hazards as 'Acts of God' and beyond their control. And third, that there is much to be desired with respect to emergency management response to the special needs of disabled citizens when disaster strikes in the form of a natural hazard. The paper concludes by suggesting that recent developments in social theory-notably Gleeson's (1999) concept of an 'ableist society'-might be used to understand the way disabled people perceive and respond to natural hazards.

Key words: natural hazards, geographies of disability

See also:

bd14519_1.gif (968 bytes) "Disability and Disasters" coordinated by John Twigg at Benfield Hazard Research Centre http://www.benfieldhrc.org/disaster_studies/disability&disasters/d&d_index.htm

bd14519_1.gif (968 bytes) "Disability and Disaster: Victimhood and Agency in Earthquake Risk Reduction" by Ben Wisner. Chapter for C. Rodrigue and E. Rovai (eds.) Earthquakes, London: Routledge, 2002, forthcoming (Routledge Hazards and Disasters Series) [download Word file 134kb]

bluesquiggle.gif (968 bytes) Afghanistan: Home care for patients with spinal cord injuries
http://wwww.reliefweb.int/w/rwb.nsf/9ca65951ee22658ec125663300408599/e3d9540871ec92e149256bbc002a6469?OpenDocument (Violent Conflict and Afghanistan)

bd14519_1.gif (968 bytes) Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities http://www.jik.com/disaster.html

bd14519_1.gif (968 bytes) Disabled People and Disaster Planning (DP2) http://www.citycent.com/dp2/

bd14519_1.gif (968 bytes) Disaster Mitigation for Persons with Disabilities: Fostering a New Dialog http://www.its.uiowa.edu/law/publications/general/disastermitigation.htm

bd14519_1.gif (968 bytes) Leeds University Center for Disability Studies http://www.leeds.ac.uk/disability-studies/

bd14519_1.gif (968 bytes) Disability Archive UK http://www.leeds.ac.uk/disability-studies/archiveuk/titles.html

bd14519_1.gif (968 bytes) Canadian Centre on Disability Studies http://www.DisabilityStudies.ca/

bd14519_1.gif (968 bytes) Beyond Affliction: The Disability History Project http://www.npr.org/programs/disability/

bd14519_1.gif (968 bytes) Independent Living Research Utilization http://www.ILRU.org/index.htm

bd14519_1.gif (968 bytes) Disabled Village Children (by David Werner) http://www.dinf.org/doc/othr/dwe002/dwe00201.htm

bd14519_1.gif (968 bytes) National Organization On Disability's Disaster Mobilization Initiative Will Address Post-9/11 Security Concerns http://www.usnewswire.com/topnews/temp/0107-111.html


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