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bd14519_.gif (968 bytes) ReliefWeb: "Traditional mourning period ends for Iran's earthquake victims: Red Cross" Agence France-Presse Date: 4 Feb 2004 http://www.reliefweb.int/w/rwb.nsf/UNID/A19D82532F8A4A5AC1256E310032CB73?OpenDocument

bd14519_.gif (968 bytes) UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Date: 4 Feb 2004. "United Nations Disaster Assessment Coordination (UNDAC) Mission Report following the Bam Earthquake of 26 December 2003. 26 December 2003 - 9 January 2004." http://www.reliefweb.int/w/rwb.nsf/UNID/E5758D6A8A5F7D3DC1256E31005DF669?OpenDocument

bd14519_.gif (968 bytes) Thoughts on the Bam Earthquake by Manuel Berberian 3 January 2004 (download Word file)

bd14519_.gif (968 bytes) AlertNet: VIEWPOINT: When disaster opens the door to dialogue Nick Cater 30 Dec 2003

bd14519_.gif (968 bytes) AlertNet: VIEWPOINT: Local planning beats foreign dogs David Alexander 30 Dec 2003

bd14519_.gif (968 bytes) ReliefWeb: Afghanistan-Iran: UN assisting Afghan refugees from Bam. 2 January 2004 http://www.reliefweb.int/w/rwb.nsf/480fa8736b88bbc3c12564f6004c8ad5/8a0c6b3e7ed93ae2c1256e0f00627656?OpenDocument

bd14519_.gif (968 bytes) Iran: Earthquake drives Afghan refugees home. 29 December 2003

bd14519_.gif (968 bytes)  "The Last Mile - Earthquake Risk Mitigation Assistance in Developing Countries" by Haresh Shah (download Word file)

bd14519_.gif (968 bytes)  Rottman and Shoaf - Notes on the myths of managing cadavers (download Word file)
see also the articles which stimulated the response:  "Grim race against disease grips Iran quake zone" By Edmund Blair; and "Rescue teams quit Iran quake site as the diggers move in" by Stefan Smith 

bd14519_.gif (968 bytes)  Email comment and related conference paper from Rohit Jigyasu concerning the risks to cultural heritage (download Word documents of email concerned with Bam and paper entitled: "The issues and challenges concerning risk preparedness for cultural heritage")

bd14519_.gif (968 bytes)  NADER KHALILI, Architect and Author http://www.calearth.org/khalili.htm

bd14519_.gif (968 bytes) AlertNet "Iranian architect urges quake-proof method for Bam" 27 Dec 2003. http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/N26168788.htm

bd14519_.gif (968 bytes) Homes Built Of Mud, Policies Made Of Hot Air? Ben Wisner

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